About Me

Hi I’m Kyle! I’ve proudly been doing music since 2005 and composing since 2012. Running this channel has been insane and the trip of a lifetime. The learning experiences around every corner really make it worth while. Every day I get to be creative for a living and it's a dream come true. Thanks for listening to my music and have a fantastic day!


meet the team

A lot of work goes into creating all of our content. From writing the music to producing the videos, there's a whole team working behind the scenes to help produce the end result you see.

KL Ryusaki

Video Editor & Graphic Design

I'm a video editor and graphic artist. I enjoy what I do and it's a great outlet to be creative and simply have fun. Getting to work with my fiance, Kyle is a blast. Couldn't ask for a better job in life right now.


Mixing & Mastering

I am a professional musician and audio engineer. I have been working with digital and analog audio for over 18 years. I have been a trusted and reliable member of Fiverr since March of 2011.



Illustration & 2D Animation

Professional freelance illustrator, animator and designer. Terrible gamer, but my aim is getting better!

Andrew Duemig

Animation & Video Production

Hey, I'm Andrew! I'm one of the guys working behind the scenes to bring everything together to what you see on screen. Over the past 6 years, Adobe After Effects has become my main tool to create whatever I need to. I'm excited to be on board with the team and can't wait to show off some of our upcoming projects.

Russell Sapphire

Animation & Video Production

My name is Russell Sapphire. I'm a music producer, visual effects artist, singer, voice actor, and full-time smol bean~ I absolutely love using After Effects (except for the times it doesn't work. lol), Photoshop, and FL Studio. All of which are tools I use to make basically everything. Compared to the other guys, I'm relatively new compared to them, but I still know what I'm doing and hope to improve over the course of my life doing this stuff.

Bobby Yarsulik


Hey everyone, BSlick here. I work to help bring projects to life with their lyrics! I've been songwriting for about 15 years, have played piano for 25 years, and have a background in music production. The final products are truly a culmination of all the talent behind the scenes, and I'm excited to be a part of it.


3D Animator

Hey ! I'm Loïc! I'm a french animator and video editor with almost 4 years of experience. I always try my best to create videos and I'm having lots of fun making them! I go by Xbat on Social Media. See you soon guys!

Joseph Annunziata

3D Animator and Modeler

I'm Joseph, with 2+ years of Animating experience. I go by MinifigJoeSFM on Social Media.


"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney

Pedro Calvo

Animation & Video Production

I'm Pedro, I do visual production and digital animation. I've had 7+ years of experience with digital animation and visual making. Bringing ideas to life is my passion and nothing is more satisfying than seeing your finished work!

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